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Magic Theater Kennel NewsLetter

Magic Theater Kennel Newsletter

J. Kirk McKinnell, Owner

Rt. 1 Box 3473

Ava, Mo. 65608



Introduction. Hello, from Ava, Mo.! To all my past customers, I would like to extend a heartfelt "thank You" for your business. Some of you have worked with your dogs in some of the dog shows. Those of you that have, I say Bravo, and Congratulations! The purpose of this newsletter is to be both informative, and entertaining, so let us begin.

Section 1: Dog Show Coming To Town! Have you wondered about dog shows, but you never know when the shows will be in town? Well, worry no more! I am going to help you find out what to do to have this information brought right to your door! Here is what you do: From the list of show superintendents below, write each of them a note, letter or postcard, and simply ask them to put your name on the mailing list to receive the Dog Show Premium lists. You will begin to get notices of dog shows, times, dates, Entry fees, in short… everything you need to know to go see, or participate in your local dog Shows! I would advise you to go look at one or two shows, so that you will know what is expected. I can help those of you who would like to enter their dog in one of the shows. Here is where you write:

  1. Onofrio Dog Shows

  2. P.O. Box 25764

    Oklahoma City, Ok 73125

  3. Jim Rau Dog Shows, Ltd

  4. P.O. Box 6898

    Reading, Pa 19610

  5. International All Breed Canine Association

4742 Liberty Rd. S, Suite 159

Salem, Or 97302

I would urge you to seek out this information. It just costs a stamp, and a few minutes of your time!

Now lets talk about veterinarian supply catalogs. I and everyone else knows about Drs. Foster and Smith catalog. If you ever got one in the mail, you know that their prices are quite high! Then there are several other catalogs that fall into your hands from time to time. Well, hold on to your socks, because I have found the cheapest supply catalog that I have ever run across. Here it is:

Countryside Vet Supply

2813 U.S. Hwy 160

West Plains, Mo 65775

You can get your safe guard, Ivomec, 5 way shots, and pyran at the best prices I have seen. Plus a lot of other items you may wish to order. These people are also nice to deal with. I recommend you sit down and ask them for one of their catalogs… free. You will probably cut your expenses by 40 % or more. Let me know if you find it cheaper somewhere else, and I will let everybody know.

Puppy Training day, and Picnic:

Right now, this is just an idea. But what I would like to know from all of you, is how many of you would be interested in a free puppy training session, combined with meeting lots of other German Shepherd people, and get together for some hot dogs, sodas, or BBQ items. It would be real nice if everybody brought some dish to share, such as salad, Potato salad, dessert items, or what ever suits your pleasure! Magic Theater Kennel would furnish Hotdogs, and Sodas. Some of the things this impromptu group might consider are forming a local German Shepherd Dog Club, or breeding Network, or even a entourage to barnstorm the next dog show that comes to town. And perhaps all of you have some ideas along these lines, as well???!!! Let me hear from you, and I will try to plan a time for where, and when we could all gather for a day of fun, and dogs!

Shot and Wormer Reminder! An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure! You should go over all your records, and make sure that all of your animals are up on their shots, and wormings. If you have to look back through last years calendar, and it takes more than 10 minutes to find your scribblings, then perhaps its time to break down and buy yourself a copy of Kennel Excellence software. Ver. 2.0 has just been published. I am selling one or two copies of this incredible software EVERY WEEK! Sales are really HOT, and this software is even Hotter!

Win a Breeders Trophy! From Magic Theater Kennel

Now I have some HOT news! Magic Theater Kennel has started a Breeders trophy program! Anyone who has purchased a puppy from Magic Theater Kennel is eligible to Win a very nice breeder's trophy from Magic Theater Kennel! How do you do this? You show your pup in any dog show, and if you succeed in Champion Titling your dog, all you have to do is to submit a copy of your paperwork that shows that you have done this, and you will receive a wonderful Breeders trophy for your trouble! Now only that, but we will put your picture, and write a story all about your success in a future issue of this Newsletter. It's easy, and Fun. I hope many of you will participate in this new program.

Litter Announcements!

Litter Announcements:

I have 8 week old Shiba Inu pups (12/15/03), and only TWO left for sale.

The price will be $350. / per pup.

I have another Shiba Litter, of two pups, about two weeks old, currently. Price is the same.

I have a litter of 4 American Eskimo pups, about 3 weeks old right now.

I have two Litters of German Shepherd Pups DUE 12/20/03.

All Prices are $350. Per pup, plus Vet Health Clearance, and Shipping.

Cute Dog Stories:

Ed, a close friend of mine, and fellow breeder came by to see me one day. He had the darndest story to tell me: " The other day, the phone rang. I answered it, and it seemed like no one was there, but I could hear breathing. At first, I though you might have gotten hurt, and needed help. Then I heard panting. I said, 'Nadine, is that you?' ( He knew that I had been keeping Nadine inside, lately). "WOOF!".

'Nadine, is everything o.k.?' "WOOF!" 'Nadine, how are you doing?' "WOOF!" Anyway, they talk for a while in this manner, Ed determines that everything is o.k. and Nadine never bothered to tell me about this conversation at all! It was only days later that I heard about it from Ed. How Nadine used the phone, to call up a friend of mine, I will never know! I mean, what are the odds of THAT happening? At least I found out about Nadine's secret life that I had never suspected before! I might add that Nadine has been the smartest bitch I have ever had, bar none. She has been able to escape from places that no other dog could possibly get away from, and she is the cornerstone of my entire breeding program. She has more stories, but I will save them for a different issue! If you have a notable dog story, you are welcome to submit it for future publication.


Submitted by an anonymous donor:

Do you Know what Bill Clinton and Fidel Castro have in common?

The appreciation for fine cigars…

Breeding for the Future:


Have you noticed that modern show dogs look pretty, have fluid movements, large chests, but there seems to be something serious missing? Next time you attend a dog show, check out their legs. Hocks and pasterns. Then look at a calendar showing wolves. Look at wolf legs. Hocks and pasterns. Look at greyhounds. What does the greyhound have in common with the wolf? The answer is straight legs. The wolf depends on his legs to survive. The greyhound depends on his legs to be able to run fast. If you take two German Shepherds out into the woods, one show dog, and one old fashion German Shepherd, and just let them run and run, within about an hour, you will be carrying your show dog back to the truck, and the other one will still be going strong. My friend Ed pointed this out to me, since I was so high on show dogs. It took quite a while for me to accept this as truth. We all know that standards for every breed go through changes over time. Remember the overly angulated German imports, that looked like their hind ends were down right crippled? That fazed out, over time. The standards for our breed are most likely going to change in the akc show rings, and one of these days there is going to be a premium on the back yard bred old fashion German shepherds. I have produced a few such animals, and I am continuing to monitor their development, but the more I see, the better I like them, and am trying to breed more for soundness as I have described above. This is just the personal opinion of this writer, but I know that several other more knowledgeable sources have tuned into this same conclusion. I would encourage you to not make any drastic changes based on this, but make up your own mind.

Now I am going to include some very interesting information on how to Champion Title your Magic Theater Kennel Puppy in 3 days, followed by some information on Kennel Excellence Software, followed by the root basis of the Bloodlines of Magic Theater Kennel. These things are empirically 3 different highly informative publications on their own merit, and I have included them in this news letter because they are all highly interesting! Best wishes, J. Kirk McKinnell!

How to Champion your Dog in THREE Days

And SAVE Hundreds or Thousands of Dollars!

You have read right. This is NO mistake. I mean every word of this. Let me set this streight, for the record. For Dog Show people who are trying to Champion their Dog(s), and title their Dog(s), and who have already paid out hundreds, perhaps thousands of dollars in entrance fees for dog shows;

For people who have worked very hard to campaign their animals in Dog Shows, only to be blown out of the saddle time and time again for one "reason" or another…

For people Who Have a Champion Dog, and would like to legitimately title their dog without going through months or years of anguish… Then this program may be just for you.

About the program:

You enter your dog, or puppy in a three day dog show. Each day, your animal is judged by a different international Judge. The judges rate your animal based on how your country evaluates champion criteria for the country you are in. For example, if you show German Shepherds, an American German Shepherd would not place at all in Dog Shows in Germany. So, your puppy, even if judged by a german judge, would be judged by American standards.

You and your puppy, or dog, or bitch go into the show ring. No other dogs compete with you. You enter the show ring, and have the undivided attention of the show judge. This judge rates your animal, and before you leave the ring, you get a written evaluation! If your entry WINS, you get a certificate for that day. You must get passed by all three judges, and if you do, you will title your dog! It is POSSIBLE to champion your animal in just 3 days. I gave this information to the president of the Missouri pet breeders association, he is also the State Kennel Inspector! He and his wife also raise pugs. One of his pugs got entered into one of these dog shows, and his dog was championed in just one three day dog show! He had almost given up campaigning this very same animal, and now it is titled, and deservedly so!

Dog shows are held in Alaska, Arizona, California, Canada, Florida, Kentucky,Nevada, Oregon, Missouri and washington. Also, additional shows are being planned. They fly in international Judges for these shows, and there are limited entries available.

The Entry fees are about $25.00 per dog. $5.00 for additional class entries. They even judge Rare breeds!

In missouri, the show is held at the Purina Garden Farms

This is NOT an AKC show! With AKC, you can expect to spend from $10,000. To $20,000. Top campaign a champion. Yes, there is prestige involved, if you don’t mind spending an insane amount of money! But if you just want to know the plain truth, if three international judges say that they certify that your animal is of Champion quality, then this program should get your attention! For people who sell litters to Brokers, brokers pay more for puppies, if their litter parents are champion titled. Privately sold puppies get a better price, with champion titled parents.

It is my belief that this group is trying to do a good thing for dog show people. I get no compensation for "advertising" their program. I am hoping that some people will simply benefit from this information! And perhaps save many thousands of dollars, in the process. Either you HAVE a champion dog, bitch, or puppy… or you don’t. It is as simple as that. In one three day show, you can find out, and earn your title! In an AKC show, it is possible that a dog that doesn’t deserve to be titled, might win the fifteen points necessary to champion an animal, only because all the other dogs in the show ring, competing for the same points, are LESS than the winning entry. That doesn’t mean that the winning dog actually deserves the points; all it means is that all the other entries in the show were less deserving! But that criteria doesn’t make the dog a deserving champion. It makes a champion by DEFAULT! So a dog can win enough points to become a champion, even though it is not of champion quality and conformation! I personally have seen an AKC show in Springfield, Mo where the Worst dog in the show ring won. By coincidence, the winning dog was owned by a visiting AKC judge from Kentucky!!! In my opinion, any other dog in the ring was a better animal. This dog Fish-tailed all over the ring! It looked dysplastic! I found the outcome both unbelievable, and unacceptable, and I lodged a formal protest with both the AKC and the show superintendent, and the sponsoring Kennel Club! The later two didn’t bother to respond, and the AKC simply said that it was backing the "opinion" of the ring judge! It did not look into the charges of a courtesy win given to a visiting fellow judge!!!

Anyway, we all know how political these dog shows can be. Therefore, the best way to judge YOUR dog, is to have only one dog in the show ring at a time. If you want to get a copy of the Show locations, schedules. Entry forms, and all the particular information that tells about the whole program, Bid on this on Ebay, or it is included with Kennel Excellence software, and you can buy it off the webpage, or bid on it in Ebay!


International All Breed Canine Association of America

Alle Rasse Gruppe

4742 Liberty Rd. S. Suite 159

Salem, Oregon

Phone: 503-316-9160

Fax: 503-316-0840


Write them to have your name placed on the list to receive the show premium forms. As I said, I believe these people are doing a good job, and I am imp[ress with what I have seen so far. But my opinion isn’t worth the price of a cup of coffee. So you must decide for yourself. I would urge you to write, and request all the information, so you can try it for yourself. You might even be able to get everything you need, right off the website. In any case, a friend of mine brought this to my attention, and I am passing it on to you. I wish you only the best in your dog show world!





This is a kennel software program written for people who have kennels, Breed litters of registered animals, compete in dog shows or other dog trials, for kennel clubs or ordinary people who own a few dogs and need to keep up to date records on their animals. This program is for people who need to keep records on their pets, their kennel business, and can be very useful to kennel clubs as well. This program is the most comprehensive program on the market today, nothing else comes close. This program has sold for over $225. And is very rare, and very hard to find copies anywhere. Read on.


In this program, you will find every kind of record you ever thought of, plus quite a bit more. And you will be able to USE that information to make reports that will reflect up to the minute status of your business, and further, …to use that information to run your kennel business more effectively. This program can help you make more money, but more than that, it can help save you money that may be spent needlessly and ineffectively. This program is definitely a WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE call. And at the same time, it points you in the right direction for making wise business choices that will both better the breed as well as make you money in the process!


Here are just a few of the many records you can use with this unique program: Kennel Animals, Litter Records by individual Bitch, Current puppies in inventory Available (any and all bitches), Customers, Appointments, Medical and Shot and worming records, Breedings, Pedigrees, Incomes, Expenses by individual catagories, Reservations, Contract Samples, Bitches in season, Stud Records, Co-Ownership Records, Sales, just to name a few! In addition to having about all the things other kennel software programs have, Kennel Excellence takes the whole show to the next level, further than any other kennel program has gone before. For Show people, there are records you can keep on Show Judges! You can project your future income. You have an AD Call Screener to assist you in making and closing sales! You have an advertising effectiveness analyser! You have a sales tracker. You have a kennel trouble shooter, plus you can generate a wide variety of reports on nearly every single aspect of your kennel business, and a tutorial to help you do all of this, and still there is more. In short, this program will do things no other kennel program ever thought of! It is like having a Genie in a bottle, and thousands of wishes!

Is this program easy to use? Easy to learn? Absolutely! This program was written by a kennel owner, because the author wanted things to be able to do complex things in a simple, easy way, and no other software program came close to fitting this need, so the author wrote the program to be easy, quick, user friendly, and intuitive. You can choose from a wide variety of menu options. Five Pages of menu options, plus a bonus page of more items! Navigation is quick, intuitive and easy. Just select the menu item you wish to work on, and a single mouse click takes you there. Simply fill in the data fields for any menu item. This program is structured to be extremely easy to learn, while allowing you to keep any kind of records you need on every single facit of your kennel business, and I mean from A to Z. Period. Do you know which AD pulled the most responses lately? Or which ones brought you a sale? With AD Tracker in Kennel Excellence, you WILL! Do you know which publication your puppy calls came from? With Kennel Excellence, you will.

If you don’t have a simple, yet extremely unique system for keeping track of everyday details of your kennel business, then you don’t really have a handle on your business at all, and you are bound to lose money, lose sales, and waste a lot of time that could be better spent frying hamburgers at the hamburger stand. This program is the most unique program of its kind, and without this program to help you keep the RIGHT records, make the RIGHT moves, you can’t possibly streamline your kennel business and activities to the full potential you are capable of achieving, and you are probably running your business in the RED, or barely breaking even, if you are lucky. And this program just doesn’t work for dogs alone. It can be used for any registered animal, if you want to. And by doing more things right, you are going to breed better litters consistently, for the betterment of the breed.


The Secret to Success is the proper organization of all the details of your entire kennel business, and systematically using those details as only kennel excellence can help you in order to eliminate waste, maximize your strong points, and to build an entirely new business foundation using the animals you have to the best possible advantage so that what you accomplish is to 1. Better the breed, and 2. Make profits instead of losses. Most kennel businesses lose money because they fail to turn their business into a well oiled machine. Once you install Kennel Excellence, you will begin to put powerful business tools and principals into action, with no compromise of your breeding ethics. While other kennel software programs allow you to put only 12 animal records into the program, Kennel Excellence has no such limitation! And you can bring your animal photos into the program too. To use this program, you need an IBM or compatible computer, a 286 or better, dos 3.1 or better, a cd disk driver, a mouse, a color monitor and Vga or ega graphics card. It will take up about 250 MB of space, more or less. It comes in a beautiful box, brand new, shrunk-wrapped. I have a very limited number of these rare programs, being offered one at a time. . Check out my other software programs being offered on Ebay, concurrently…also from Howlin’ Mad Mac’s Software Company. Just Click on "View Sellers other Auctions" Above.

U.S. high buyer pays $3.95 priority postage, plus $3.00 insurance. Others pay actual postage costs to their destination. Immediate shipping with money order or PayPal. Checks gladly accepted, but allow ten to fourteen days to clear before shipping.

Now that I have told you something about Kennel Excellence, Please read what my Buyers have said about my service, and software :

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Email us for shipping instructions, addresses, or questions.

The Roots of Magic Theater Kennel Bloodline

Magic Theater Kennel has long roots that are the cornerstones of our breeding program. Hundreds of the finest German Shepherds to ever live… are in my bloodline. I have traced these bloodlines all the way back to the very first registered German Shepherd, Horand von Grafrath. To best tell you about the bloodlines of Magic Theater Kennel, it is best to start from the beginning and tell the story going forward in time, rather to start in the present and go backwards so that you, the reader, will get the most complete sense of importance of this bloodline from an historical sense, and to keep a sense of continuity and understanding of all the strategy of the line breedings, inbreedings, and out crosses .

My research has been done based on 3 main books as my sources of information, look for them listed in the bibliography at the end. Whenever a particular dog is mentioned, I will attempt to include interesting information about that dog, with emphasis on the importance and contribution to the breed.

To Begin with, I will tell you very briefly about Max von Stephanitz, who is considered to be the father of the German Shepherd as a breed. Most dog books go into some depth on this aspect, so I will be brief. Max V.S. had spent a great deal of time observing the wide variety of herding/working dogs in Germany. Basically, he found some incredible working dogs, a wide variety of them, with no uniformity or consistency in TYPE. What Max did, was to formulate an ideal type in his mind, an ideal type that by selective breeding, could bring about a uniformity to the herding animals.While he was at one of the dog trials, he chanced upon a dog that embodied everything he wanted in the breed he sought to develop. He purchased this animal, and this animals name was Hektor Linksrhein. Max changed his name to Horand Von Grafrath, and it is this dog that became the first registered German Shepherd, #SV1. This was the root foundation for the breed. Needless to say, Horand was bred to a great many bitches, and in the early stages, lines were bred extermely closely, to bring about the beginnings of uniformity.

Here is a description of Horand: "Clean and sinewy in build, the entire dog was one live wire! His character was on par with his exterior qualities, Marvelous in his obedient fidelity to his master, and above all else, the streight forward nature of a gentleman with boundless zest for living. Although untrained in puppyhood, nevertheless obedient to the slightest nod when at his masters side; but when left to himself, the maddest rascal, the wildest ruffian and incorrigible provoker of strife!"

Von Stephanitz and his associates searched far and wide for dogs and especially bitches in which the strains had been blended enough to produce type similar to Horands. When such bitches were found and it was ascertained that they could produce the wanted type, they were treasured and carefully inbred.

One particular bitch, Freya von Grafrath…SV#7 was bred to Horand 4 times. The most important son of Horand, was Hector V. Schwaben:

` Horand V. Grafrath

Hektor V. Schwaben

Mores Plieningen

Hecktor in turn sired 3 Greats:


2. Heinz Von Starkenburg

3. Pilot III

Beowulf and Pilot were brothers out of Thekla I von der Krone, who was a bitch out of Horand. These three sons of Hektor are considered to be the Great Triumvirate which bore the fruit of the masters seeds.

Beowulfs particular value was in the Bitches he produced, and from him came the line to Geri Von Oberlamm and thence to Cito Bergerslust and Attilos Argos.

Pilot III through his grandson Graf Eberhard Von Hohen-esp was the foundation of the Von Boll and Kriminalpolizei strains, with branches to Reidekenburg and Eichenpark: Harras Von der Juch and Mohr Secretainerie.

The third son, and the most important, was Heinz von Starkenburg. November 1, 1903, a litter was born to Bella Von Starkenburg, sired by Heinz in which there was a single black male puppy. He was a mutant, named Roland Von Starkenburg, and became a model for the breed, for in this animal, a vast genetic improvement had taken place. So Great was this mutation, that there is no german shepherd today that does not trace back to Roland!. Roland became the 1906 and 1907 Sieger.

Heinz V. Starkenburg

Roland V. Starkenburg

Bella V. Starkenburg

Roland had both Hektor V. Schwaben AND Beowulf (who was a grandson of Horands on both sides) as grandsires. Roland also had as grand Dam on both sides Lucie Von Starkenburg, who also had Horand Blood.

Rolands son Hettel was a foundation of the first black and tan shepherds that came to America. Hettel…when bred to the famous broodbitch Flora Berkemeyer, sired the famous "B" litter,which includes Bella, Bianka and Bello V. Riedekenberg, who sired many siegers and siegerins. Floras daughter Bianka V. Riedekenberg and her ½ brother Axel V. Westfalenheim… also out of Hettel Uckermark were bred and produced a dog who became one of the most outstanding sires of his day: 1920 sieger .


Bella V. Starkenberg

Lucie V. Starkenberg

Rolands best son, Hettel Uckermark was crowned sieger in 1909. When bred to Bella Von Der Leine, hettel produced Alex Von Westfalenheim.

Alex V. Westfalenheim was bred to Bianka V. Riedekenberg and produced the unforgettable international Grand Champion and 1920 sieger, Erich Von Grafenwerth.

Thus far we have seen the early lines that is an early root of my bloodline, and most importantly, out of these early lines there were 3 basic strains that were the main trunklines of our modern day development of this breed. The Von Boll, Kriminalpolizei and Riedenkenburg lines.

The 1920 sieger Erich von Grafenwerth is of immeasurable importance to modern day breeding. Structurally he was a grand specimen of the breed, noble in appearance, swift and sure in gait.

I am going to back up just a bit to talk about a very important bitch: Flora Berkemeyer. First of all, she is considered to be the mother of the Reidenkenberg line.

Harras V. Lippestrand

Flora Berkemeyer

Cilla Distelbruch

This lovely bitch was also a fortuitious mutant whos impact upon the genetic make up of her line is felt to this day. She gave a beauty of form, an essense of refinment and quality that was mirrored in her grandson Erich.

Not everything in these early lines was peaches and cream, so in all fairness, lets talk about some of the faults as well as the good points. Erichs double grandsire Hettel Uckermark was a dog of stable, sane temperment. But Erich was faulty in this respect, possessing a temperment complex which came through his sire Alex, and his great grand sire Roland. The beautiful Flora was not tempermentally sure either. Erich also possessed a slight wave in his coat which he passed on to his descendents. To this day it is known as the "Erich" coat.

To continue: The early major strains were:

  1. Starkenberg- (through Roland)- has good pigmentation and finish but lacks somewhat in mental sureness.

  2. Uckermark: Big good length, heavy bone, especially through Hettel) and sure temperment.

  3. Kriminalpolizei: weak nerves, paded pigment and bad dentation. They were big and handsome and caught the eye. Nores Kriminalpolizei passed on these faults plus a tendency to have short tails.

  4. Reidekenberg: Heavy through Roland. Good quality and refinement, through Flora.

  5. Von Boll: Tendency towards bigness and squarness. Mentally fine.

So now as we look at the sire lines we have talked about, we have the following:

  1. Horand V. Grafrath

  2. Hector V. Schwaben

  3. Heinz Starkenberg…………Beowulf……………..PilotIII

  4. Roland Starkenberg

  5. Hettel Uckermark

  6. Alex Westfalenheim……..with two more branches……..

  7. Erich Grafenwerth………..Curt Morgansonne……………..Arno Furstenberg

  8. Klodo V. Boxberg………..Curt Brunnenhof……………….Dolf Margaretental

Now we will discus Klodo V. Boxberg, because we get some more significant branching from there.

Erich Grafenwerth

1925 Sgr, and Ch. Klodo V. Boxberg

Elfe V. Boxberg

Klodo was not an unknown. He had been a czechoslovakian Sieger in 1923. First of all, Czech border patrol dogs are considered to be better than german imports by some people today, which in turn are vastly superior to the american bred shepherd. Klodo was linebred on Hettel Uckermark and combined the best of Uckermark and Kriminalpolizei inheritance. He was the best son of Erich. He is directly from the lines of Starkenberg, yet line bred to pull from the best of Uckermark and Kriminalpolizei. Klodos best son was Curt Von Herzog Hedan, who in turn sired Odin Von Stolzenfels. Long coats were occasionally produced by both Curt and Odin, especially when bred to Klodo bitches. Another important son of Klodo was Utz Von Haus Schutting. Utz was beautifully made, structurally, wonderfully balanced in motion. Utz was 1929 German Sieger.

If you back up 1 generation, from Klodo, back to Erich, and follow the sire lines, you will see 3 main lines:

  1. Curt Brunnenhof

  2. Klodo Boxberg

  3. Dolf Margaretental

You can follow the Erich sire lines in 3 major ways:

  1. The Alex Sire line:

  1. Erich

  2. Dolf Margaretental

  3. Erich Glockenbrink, sieger 1926& 28

  4. Harras Glockenbrink

  5. Alex Ebersnacken

  6. Dachs Bern Here, at Dachs occurs another major break:


Dachs V Bern:

Pfeffer V Bern Odin Busecker Schloss

  1. The Curt Sire Line:

  1. Erich

  2. Klodo

  3. Curt Herzog Hedan

  4. Odin Stolzenfels 1933 sieger

  5. Sigbert Heidegrund

  6. Balbur Befeiungsplatz

  7. Pirol Buchenhohe

  1. The Utz Sire Line:

  1. Erich

  2. Klodo

  3. Utz V. Haus Sxhutting, 1929 sieger

  4. Baron/Bero Deutschen Werken

  5. Wigand Blassienberg

  6. Gockel/Gimple Bern

  7. Ingo Piastendamm

  8. Trutz Schwanenstadt

  9. Lex Pruessenblut

The significance of this, is that of these main lines of the best of the best, from the very first registered german shepherd dog to the present, these lines are all in my bloodline.

Pfeffer links down to Nadine on her mothers side. Odin Links down from Nadines Fathers side.

Pirol comes down to Nadine on her fathers side. Lex comes down on Nadines Mothers side. ( Nadine is the cornerstone of my breeding program, my foundation bitch. But we are by no means finished with my documentation. Lets go on.

The Utz lines sometimes carries the gene that molded the major portion of our modern day american bred dogs:

  1. Pfeffer

  2. Odin

  3. Chlodulf

Pfeffer was a great individual who did more for the breed in this country than any other single dog. He won the sieger title and best in show over the siegers of all other breeds! He had excellent character and great nobility. Rich in color, he moved beautifully. He is line bred on Utz V. Haus Schutting. He established in america a uniformity of superb type.

Odin was Pfeffers’ ½ Brother, out of Dachs V. Bbern.

Chlodulf… his lines can be found on the Pacific Coast.

Now we are going to go back to the Utz lines: This leads down to Rolf Von Osnabrueckerland:

  1. Utz

  2. Baorn/Bero Deutschen Werken

  3. Wigand Blasienberg

  4. Glockel Von Bern

  5. Ingo Von Piastendamm

  6. Trutz Aus Der Schwanestadt

  7. Lex Preussenblut

  8. Rolf Von Osnabruecker land

The importance of this line… through Rolf… produces good temperments, wonderful front assemblies, powerful heads, good movement, but rather long backs and lack of rear angulation.

As a side note: From Pirol von der Buchenhohe, we get firm strong backs, good movement, temperment and hind quarter assemblies… Pirol as you may remember is from the Curt Herzog Hedan sire lines. Quell Von Fredeholz is a son of Pirol, and is considered to be top dog in both America and Germany. The roots of the Piastendamm lines come from the Utz lines.

Of all of the hundreds of imports coming to the states in the 1920’s and 30’s, only 8 animals had any lasting influence! :

  1. Erich, 1920 sieger

  2. Klodo Czech sieger 1923, Ger. Sieger 1925

  3. Utz, one of the Main Sire lines!

  4. Ch. Geri V. OberKlamm, 1921 Aust. Sieger.

  5. Cito Bergerslust, 1922 & 23 German Sieger.

  6. U.S. G.V.Ch. Pfeffer V. Bern, 1937 Ger. Sieger

  7. Arras A.D. Stadt-Velbert

  8. Ch. Odin V. Busecker-Schloss.

I have already stated that threr were three dogs that were the Triumvirate whos genetic influence dominated our modern American Lines:

  1. Pfeffer

  2. Odin

  3. Chlodulf..

Now here are the sire lines, with reference to Chlodulf:

1. Klodo

  1. Alf Webbelmannslust

  2. Edi Lein Weberhofe

  3. Chlodulf Von Peltzerhof

  4. Arno of San Miguel

  5. San Miguels Illo

  6. San Miguels Baron of Afbor

  7. G.V. Ch. Alert of Mi-Noah

  8. This line comes on down to Nadine, on the paternal side.

Most of the bloodlines that are in my kennel come down to my foundation bitch, Nadine, and these are the results of my tracing Nadines lines ALL THE WAY BACK to the beginning. There are about 8 generations between this study, and Nadine. These are the animals that would be more familiar to most people who study bloodlines. Tracing it all the way back is the hard part. Also the most interesting, due to the intense influence of some of these animals! There are too many animals to list, within that 8 generation block. But I will touch upon some of them, and by knowing their pedigrees, you will know most of these animals. Because of the line breeding that I have emphasized here, Nadine is a pretty remarkable animal! My aim is to try to breed as good as Nadine, for the future of this kennel.

I will mention some of the other animals in my kennel:

  1. Amadeus. He is Nadines finest son, sired by Breezies Rayos Del Sol, "Macho" . Macho is a show dog, with compatibal bloodlines to Nadine, and thus, I was able to add some fine genetics to my breeding program, with the goal being to perpetuate the Nadine Type.

  2. Meissa. A predator/Nadine Daughter. A close line breeding, to solidify the Nadine type.

  3. Axel Vom Treu Und Mutig, my German black and red male. He has many siegers and siegerins in his bloodline, plus world famous kennels: Weinerau, Arminius, Romerau, Wildsteigerland, Kirschental, and Vom Haus Gero.


  1. The German Shepherd Dog by Anna Kathryn Nicholas

  2. The German Shepherd Today. Winifred Strickland and James Moses.

  3. This is the German Shepherd by Goldberg and Hart

I would recommend reading all three of these fine books, as they are loaded with a lot of information, and pedigrees.

Now we are going to reiterate some of the personal histories of some of the many animals in my pedigree.


  2. Horand became the first registered German shepherd, SV1. He was medium size, with powerful bones, beautiful lines, a nobly formed Head, clean ans sinewy in build. Boundless and irrepressible.

  3. Ch. Pfeffer Von Bern, U.S. Grand Victor in 1937&38, German Sieger in 1937

  4. VA Axel Von Der Deiningerhaus Heide, Sch III, line breeding: None. Medium sized, very good general appearance, good angulation. Confident. Wt 80 lbs. Breeding advice: not suitable for bitches with Arras Stadt Velbert, Onyx Forellenbach or Brando Heidelbeerberg blood lines. The immortal Axel was one of the greatest producers in the history of the breed. His sons and grandsons were among thr finest German Shepherds bred. Axel was a beautiful dog with a faultless temperment, and was the result of an outcross; a breeding miracle that rarely occurs, yet because it did, his lines click beautifully with others. Generation after generation the immortal Axel continues to dominate German Shepherd bloodlines through the excellence of his progeny. Listed here are but a few of the great german shepherds who are descendents of this producer, and are in the magic theater bloodline:

  1. U.S. G.V. and Int. Ch. Troll V. Richterback, Sch III

  2. Sieger Alf v. Nordfelsen, Sch III

  3. Watzer Bad Melle, Sch III

  4. Ch. Wotan Von Richterbach, ROM

  5. Ch. Fortune of Arbywood, ROM

  6. G.V. Ch. Lance of Fran-jo, ROM

  7. Ch. Eko-Lans Morgan, ROM

  8. Ch. Eko-Lans Paladen, ROM

  9. Ch. Bernd V. Kallenggarten, Sch III

  10. G.V. Ch. Yoncallas Mike, ROM

  11. Ch. Llano Estacados Gengis, ROM

  12. Ch. Eko-Lans Aragon, CDX

  13. Ch. Coberts Ernestine, CD,ROM

  14. Ch. Ulk Wilkingerblut, Sch III

  15. Ch. Lakesides Gilligans Island, ROM

  16. G.V. Ch. Lakesides Harrigan

  17. VA Quanto Von Der Wienerau, Sch III

  18. Ch. Doppelt-Tays Jesse James, ROM

  19. G.V. Ch. Mannix of Fran-Jo

  20. G.V. Ch. Hollamor’s Judd, Rom

  1. Holland and United States Grand Victor Ch. Troll V. Richterbach, Sch III

  2. Line breeding: None. This is a strong and substantial male, over meduim size, harmoniously built with very good chest and excellent angulation. Fluid, reaching and powerful gait, strong back. Lively temperment with excellent courage and defensive reaction. Lively, alert, good natured, and fearless. Breeding advice: Line breeding on c litter Vom Hain and especially Fells Vogtlandshof must be avoided under any circumstances.

  3. 1983 World Sieger Dingo Vom Haus Gero, Sch III: Medium sized, true to type male with high withers. Well formed and good length and placement of croup. Very good fore and rea angulation, harmonious chest proportion, correct front, far reaching gait with powerful drive. Self-assured temperment, pronounced courage and fighting instinct. Hips fast normal.

  4. Irk Von Arminius, Sch III: A substantial, expressive, correct medium size, ver good expression, good mascalinity, hard and dry, good prpportions. High Wither, very good top line, good croup. Very good front and rear angulation. Ideal Front with well proportioned chest. Slightly tight coming, correct going away. Superb, uniform and far outreaching side gait which is transmitted from a totally firm back, completes the overall picture of this type male. Sound temperment, hardness, courage and fighting instincts are pronounced.

  5. Palme Vom Wildsteiger land, Sch III: Large typey substantial and powerful, hard and dry, slightly long bodied bitch. High Wither, good top line, good length and placement of croup, very good front and rear angulation, correct front. Correct coming and going with a far outreaching side gait with good front extension and powerful rear drive. Sound temperment, hardness, courage and fighting instincts pronounced.

  6. 1984 and 1985 World Sieger Uran Vom Wildsteigerland, Sch III: Large, substantial and powerful, very good type, very good overall firmness. High wither, tight back. Good croup placement with just sufficient length. Very good front and rear angulation, correct front. Correct chest proportions. Correct coming and going, far outreaching, ground covering side gait. Sound temperment, hardness, courage and fighting instincts pronounced. General information: Progeny groups and kennel contests as held in germany have rules. The leading stud dogs must each have at least ten progeny entered and present in the show to be eligible for this class. In 1986, World sieger Uran Von Wildsteiger land had 127 progeny entered in the sieger show! The next dog below, Quando Arminius, had 60 entries! And what is interesting about this, is that these two dogs both had the same DAM, Palme von Wildsteigerland.

  7. Quando Von Arminius, 1986 and 1987 World sieger, Sch III: Large, medium powerful, hard and dry, very typey male with high wither. Good top line and very good possition and length of croup. Very good front and rear angulation, correct chest proportion, correct front. He is correct coming and going and has a very good ground covering side gait along with powerful rear drive and good front reach. Sound temperment, hardness, courage and fighting instincts pronounced.

  8. Xaver Von Arminius, Sch III: Medium size, substantial, slightly long-bodied, good expression, very good front angulation. Extremely angulated rear, pronounced chest developemewnt, good topline, and good croup. He is tight going away, far outreaching, powerful side gait with very powerful rear drive. Fighting instincts, courage and hardness are pronounced.

  9. Canadian G.V. and U.S. Ch. Ulk Wilkingerblut, SchIII: Ulk was imported from Germany when he was three and one half yrs. Old. He won 128 Best of Breeds, 50 group firsts, and 28 best in show. He produced 48 Champions, including one Grand Victrix. In 1961 at americas largest outdoor show, Ulk won best in show over 2,530 entries. Twice Select. He is considered to be one of the most outstanding show dogs ever in the breed.

  10. 1967 U.S. and Can. G.V. Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo: Lance has done more to raise the quality of German Shepherds in the United States than any other dog. He has passed on his elegant structure, sound temperment abd excellent gait to hundreds of his offspring. His impact on the breed will be felt for years to come. He has sired 60 or more champions, including two Grand Victors, Two canadian Grand Victors and one Canadian Grand Victrix. Lance is hailed as the greatest all time producer, has 3256 show points.

  11. Ch. Bernd V. Kallengarten, Sch II, Rom: This German import has produced many champions including Grand Victrix Ch. Valtaras Image. BERND’S grandchildren havedone equally well in the show ring. When bred to the lance line, have produced beautiful fluid movers.

  12. Sel. Ch. Coberts Reno of Lakeside, ROM: Reno has produced an incredible 53 American champions, and 30 Canadian champions.

  13. Covys Oregano, ROM.: From the famous "spice" litter, "Reggie" is the sire of 3 ROM sons, G.V. Ch. Schokrest on Parade, ROM, one maturity Victor, one Futurity Victor, and five selects and ten champions.

  14. Covy Tucker Hills Zinfandel, ROM: Zinfandel has sired 21 champions to date, including 4 ROM progeny.

  15. G.V. Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh, ROM: Although Scorpio died while in his prime, he left a legacy of Great dogs to follow him. He sired G.V.Ch. Langenaus’ Watson, ROM; G.V. Ch. Charo of Shiloh Gardens, five select winners, twenty or more champions, and many Rom title holders.

  16. Ch. Zeto of Fran-Jo, ROM: Zeto has produced 16 champions including one Canadian Grand Victor, two selects, and several ROMs. I have not found Zeto in my bloodline, however, all but 6 animals in his bloodline are in my bloodline. I just haven’t as yet found a direct link.

  17. Ch. Doppelt-Tays Hammer, Rom: Hammer is the sire of 25 champions, including G.V. Ch. Baobab’s Chaz, ROM; 3 select champions.

  18. Sel Ch. Doppelt-Tays Hawkeye, ROM: Hawkeye had repeatedly proven his ability to produce great moving champions with overall soundness and excellent temperments. His impact on the breed will be felt through many generations of exceptionally beautiful German Shepherds.

  19. 4X Sel. Ch. Stuttgarts’ Sundance Kid, Rom: "Bear" is a top producer with 43 American champions and 13 Canadian Champions to his credit. In 1986 he produced 20 champions and was named top ROM of the Year.

  20. Ch. Covy Tucker Hills Manhattan: "Hatter" has won 201 best in shows, 332 Group firsts, and has defeated over 200,000 dogs!!! He is the top winning German Shepherd of all time. He holds the record of winning 80 best in shows in ONE YEAR! He was top dog for all breeds for 1984 and 1985. He was the first German Shepherd to win best in show at Westminster. He was named show dog of the year at the tournament of champions, won best in show at the AKC centennial, Chicago international, Santa Barbara KC, Houston KC, Westchester KC and the Canadian Show of Shows. I have been unable to find Hatter in my pedigree, but every single dog in hatters pedigree appears in my foundation pedigree.

  21. Coberts Melissa, ROM: This is the TOP producing Dam in the history of the breed! Her offspring includes 8 champions, 6 ROM sons and daughters. Much inbreeding and line breeding has been done on the Cobert lines.

  22. 1970 U.S. Maturity Victrix and 7 times Select Ch. Tucker Hills Angelique, C.D., ROM: from the famous spice litter. She is the daughter of Holland Sieger Gauss V. Stauderpark, Sch III.

This list does not include every major and notable animal in my pedigree, it doesn’t even come close. But I have listed a very small percentage, just to give you some idea of the powerful genetics that is the cornerstone of my foundation genetics.

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Magic Theater Bloodlines

Magic Theater bloodlines are both American, and German. This list will include both, but this is not an all-inclusive list. There are a lot of incredible animals in my bloodline, too many to list every single animal. Even so, the list will be a fairly large list. Many of the finest dogs of all time are on this list, and most people who study pedigrees before buying a new dog or puppy will undoubtedly recognize most if not all of these animals. Some of the dogs are champions, Grand Victors, Select, ROMs, and or Sch. titled, or obedience titled. Many are multiple titled dogs, bred for intelligence, good temperment, and ability. My kennel has studied the bloodlines, as well as the line breeding, and has made every effort to continue these bloodlines, that are now getting harder and harder to find.

Tito vom Wildsteiger land, Sch 3, v-i Palme V Wildsteiger land, Sch 2, V-i Diego du village,

Sch 3, Va Fedor Vom Arminius, Sch 3, V Gunda aus dem Haus Zygadto, Sch 2, v Canto aus

dem Haus Zygadto, Sch 3, FH, VA Uran Vom Wildsteiger land, Sch 3, FH; VA Tina Vom

Grosen Sand, Sch 3, VA Quando Von Arminius, Sch 3, FH, V Nanni Vom Hulsvbach, Sch 3; Ria

von der Teufelskanzel, Sch 1; Ingo von der Teufelskanzel, Sch 1; Ingo vom Haus Vogele, Sch 3;

Warro vom Asterplatz, Sch 3; Eve vom Haus Vogele, Sch 1; Nick von der Wienerau, Sch 3;

Fina Vom Badsee, Sch 3; Fedor von Arminius, Sch 3; lnes von der Teufelskanzel, Sch 3;

Lasso vom Wiedenbrucker Land, Sch 3; Fee vom Weiherturchen, Sch 1; Assie von der

Teufelskanzel, Sch 2; Daisy aus dem Haus Zygadto, Sch 1; Tina vom Groben Sand, Sch 3;

Nanni vom Hulsbach,Sch 3; Irk von Arminius Sch 3; Sonny vom Badener-Land, Sch 3; Jenny

Vom Groben Sand, Sch 3; Xaver von Arminius. Sch 3; Tony Von Der Wienerau, Sch 3; Zamb

Von derWienerau, Sch 3,1992 World Sieger; Xila Von derWienerau, Sch 2; Odin, V.

Tannenmeisse ,Sch 3; lca Von der Wienerau, Sch 2; Cello Von der Romerau, Sieger; Ussi Von

der Wienerau, Siegerin, Sch 3; Quando Von Arminius, Sieger, Sch 3; Hasel V. Tannenmeise;

Axel Von der Hainsterbach, Sieger, Sch 3; Lassi Vom Hermannsgrund, Schi; Natz Vom

Hasenborn, Sch3; Quana Von Arminius, Sch 1; Uran Vom Wildsteiger Land, Sieger, Sch 3;

Xinte Von der Wienerau, Sch 2; Leika von Fidelius, Sch 1; Yago Vom Wildsteiger Land, Sch 3;

Alphha Von Fidelius, Sch 3; Eiko Vom Kirschental, Sch 3; Quana Von Arminius, Sch 2; Natan

Vom Hulsbach, Sch 3; Leska Vom Haus Gero, Sch 3; Uran Vom Wildsteiger Land, Sieger, Sch

3; Xitta Vom Kirschental, Sch 3; Xaver Von Arminius, Sch 3; Palme Vom Wildsteiger Land,

Sch 2; Dingo Vom Haus Gero, 1983 World Sieger, Sch 3; Antje Vom Hulsbergtal, Siegerin, Sch

2; Axel Von der Hainsterbach, Sch 3; Chiwa Vom Haus Gero, Sch 2. Alpha Von Fidelius, Sch 3,

Jago Vom Fossheller, Lissi Vom Hermannsgrund, Sch 1, VA Sieger Quando Von Arminius, Sch

3, FH, Quina Von Arminius, Sch 2, Sieger Zamb Von Der Wienerau, Sch 3,

Int’l G.V. Ch. Troll V. Richterback, RaM, Frigga of Silverland, Rom, Can. & Am. Ch. Rikter von

Liebestra,SeI. Ch. Bernd V. Kallengarten, Rom, Can. & Am. G.V. Ch Lance of Fran-Jo

CD,Maturity Victor,Select, Ch. Fortune of Arbywood, Rom, Frolich’s Elsa V. Grunes TahI, Rom,

Ch. Falk of Bihari Wonder, CDX, Ch. Coberts Emestine, ROM,CD, Ch. Treu Vom Wolfstock,

Rom,Golden Gwen of Tucker Hill, CD, Ch. Chickwoods Feather, Rom, Can. & Am. Sal. Ch. EkoLan’s Morgan, Eko-Lan’s Glory, Rom, Can. & Am. G.V. Ch. Yoncalla’s Mike, Rom, Ch.

Chenango’s Darron, CD, G.V. Ch. Mannix of Fran-Jo, ROM, Coberts Melissa, RaM, Holl. Sieger

Gauss V. Stauderpark, Can. & Am. Ch. Eko-Lan’s Paladen, ROM, G.V. Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh

Gardens, ROM, SEL. Ch. Coberts Golly Gee of Lakeside, ROM, Can. & Am. G.V. Ch. Lakesides

Harrigan, Rom, 7X SeI. Ch. Tucker Hills Angelique, ROM, CD, Can. & Am. G.V. Ch. Lakesides

Gilligans Island, ROM,Ch. Kovayas Contessa, ROM,CD, 2X Sel. Ch. Doppelt Tays Hawkeye,

Rom, Can. & Am. SeI. Ch. Coberts Reno of Lakeside, ROM, Hidden Acres Field Marshall, G.V.

~. Ch. Schokrest on Parade, Proven Hills Jock Hoheneichen, Hoheneichen’s Flag, Survivals —~— Eclipse, Langenau’s Watson, Sirocco of Windigail, Covy-Tucker Hills Zinfandel, Rom, Ch.

Covys Felita of Tucker Hill, ROM, Sal. Ch. Lochwood Sundance V. Stutgart, Coberts Sirocco of Windigail, Rom, Covy-Tucker Hills Carmalita, ROM, 4X Sel. Ch. Stuttgarts Sundance Kid, Ch.

Covy Tucker Hills Charmalita, Can. & Am. Sal Ch. Covy Tucker Hills Don Quixote, CTH’s

Windswept, CTH’S Storm Briar, CTH’S Hot Circuit, CTH’s Hot Legs, CTH’s Mordecai Nordlicht,

CTH’s Dulcenia, CTH’s Ghostbuster, CTH’s Check Marc, CTH’s Rosarita, CTH’s Jodi of T.H.,

CTH’s Spicewood, CTH’s Tamaresk, CTH’s Aliva, Ch. Arko Vom Gasthaus Rose, Ada Vom

Huerther Waldehen, Adda Vom Reiffeck, Aero V. Liebestraum, Afra V. Cellar Schloss, Aggi Vom

Nibelungengold, Ajax Vom Stieg-anger, Alex von der Schwansbergblick, Sch 1, Ch. AIf V.

Leherfeld, Sieger Alf V. Nordfelsen, Sch 3, Alma V. Katzenkopt, Sch 1, Ch. Amor vom haus

Hoheide, Sch 3, Amsel von Menkenmoor, Sch 3, Anka V. Hardenbergbad, Sch 3, Ger. Sieger

Arno V. Haus Gersie, Sch 3, Arras V. Adam-Riesezwinger, Sch 3, Axel Von Der

Deininghauserheide, Sch 3, G.V. Ch. Axel V. Poldihaus, Rom, Baerbel V. Sieghaus, Sch 1,

Baldur Von Edelhaus, Barbel V. Haus Trippe, Sch 1, Belle Von Haus Weinberg, Betty Vom Haus

Herberhold, Bianka V. Celler Schloss, Biene V.D. Rosenhecke, G.V. Ch. Bill Vom Kleistweg,

ROM, Billo Vom Oberviehland, Sch 2, Bioka Von Der Silberweide, Blanka V. Cellar Schloss,

Bodo Vom Katzenkopf, Sch 1, Bodo V. Sachs-Stadion, Sch 3, G.V. Ch. Brix V.D. Grafenkrone,

Burgunda V. Lindendorf, Cara Von Der Silberweide, Carin V.D. Rassweilermuhle "V", Cito V.

Coburger-Iand, Sch 2, Ch. Cito V. Herrmannschleuse, Christel Vom Fredeholz, Sch 2, Claddia V.

Sieghaus, Sch 1, Claudius Vom Ham, Sch 2, Cora V.D. Silberweide, Cora Von Der

Spessartheide, Sch 1, Daja V. Bernstein-Strand, Sch 2, Delia Norsdische Treue, Ch. Dex of

Parrylin, UD, DoIf Vom Volverbrunnen, Ch. Dolvic Von Liebestraum, Dorte V. Hasenfang, Sch 1,

Drusus Zu Den Sieben-Faulen, Sch 3, Drusus V.D. Loberschlucht, Elite V. Mainsieg, Sch 3, Ella

A.D. Eremitenklaus, Sch 1, Ellen V. Sieghaus, Sch 1, Elwira V. Ekeiplatz, Sch 2, Fels Vom

Hildegardsheim, Sch 3, Fenja V. Bombergschen-park, sch 1, Freia V.D. Wiekau, Gitta V.

Schloss Grimberg, Sch 3, Gnom V. Kalsmont, Sch 3, Hadda aus Kattenstroth, Hanna von

Equord, Ch. Harald V. Haus Tigges, Sch 3, Harold V. Schlehenbusche, Am & Can. Sal. Ch

Caralon’s Hem V.D. Lockenheim, Rom, CD, International Ch. Hem Vom Richterbach, Sch 3,

HeIIa Von Der Spessartheide, Helma Vom Hildegardsheim, Sch 3, lmmo Von Bad Melle, lmmo

Von Hassenfang, Sch 3, lndra Von Der Weinerau, Iran Von Der Buchenhohe, ltti V. Stober Hay,

Sch 2, Jade Vom Liebestraum, JolI Aus Der Ermitenklaus, Sch 3, Judith of Blossmoor, Kuno von

Jungfernsprung, Lende V. Richterbach, Lesko Aus Katten Stroth, Lax Preussenglut Land, Sch 3,

Liebo Von Stuveschacht, Sch 3, Lilly V. Gipsbergwerk, Sch 2, Marko V.D. Wotansburg, Mix V.

Lockheim, Sch 2, Maja V. Osnabrucker Land, Sch 3, Ch. Marko V. Gurkenland, Moni Vom

Stuveschacht, Sch 1, Natja Wilkingerblut, Sch 2, Nestor V. Wiegerfelsen, Sch 3, Nute Von Bern,

Odo Z.D. Sieben Faulen, Paula V. Sieghaus, Sch 1, Perle A.D. Weingegend, Sch 1, Pizo Vom

Fliederschlob, Sch 3, Quote Vom Stuveschacht, Sch 1, Rosel Vom Osnabrucker Land, Sch 1,

Sigga Vom Liebestraum, Tita V.D. Starrenburg, Sch 2, Torgo V. Aichtal, Sch 1, Tuta Z.D.

Sieben-Faulen, RoIf V. Osnabrucker Land, Sch 3, Ch. Tami V. Liebstraum, Am. & Can. G.V.

Ch. Ulk Wilkingerblut, Ute Preussenblut, Sch 1, Valet V. Busecker Schloss, Sch 3, Ch. Vania

Von Liebestraum, Volker V.D. Zeitzer Schweiz, Wally Zu Den Sieben-Faulen, Sch 3, Watzer Von

Bad Melle, V, Ch. Wilhelm auf der Winterzelt, Ch. Wotan V. Richterback, RaM, CD, Zila Vom

Walburgitor, Ch. Ylerta V. Liebestraum, Eko-Lan’s Anne Karinina, Ch. Eko-Lan’s Aragon, Ch above, and yet fall into particular catagories, the catagory itself is what distinguishes these animals listed.

Siegers: Uran, World Sieger, 1984,85; Quando, 2 times world Sieger; Zamb 1992 World Sieger, Dingo, 1983 Sieger.

Briska, The mother to my AxeI, is the 112 sister to Wanni (pronounced Vanni), is the highest rated German Shepherd in America. Another sister to Briska, Vanta Von Der Weinerau was 2x I 992&94, siegerin, described by most experts as the most beautiful German Shepherd bred in modern times. Briska is 1/2 sister to Kimbo, and at least 17 dogs make 2x appearances in line breeding, related to Kimbo.

Of the TOP 24.. Highest pointed Register of Merit, (ROM) sires, 18 of them are in my bloodline:

1. Grand Victor Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo 3256 points

2. Grand Victor Ch. Lakesides Harrigan 2031 Points

3. Ch. Eko-Lan's Paladen 1681 Points

4. Ch. Coberts Reno of Lakeside 1601 Points

5. Grand Victor Ch. Yoncallas Mike 1055 Points

6. Zeus of Fran-Jo 936 Points

7. Grand Victor Ch. Hollamors Judd 912 Points

8. Grand Victor Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh Gardens 866 Points.

9. Not in my line...?

10. Ch. Doppelt-Tays Hawkeye 720 points

11. Not in my line...?

12. Ch. Caralons Hein Von Der Lockenheim, CD 646 points

13. Lakesides Gilligans Island 644 points

14. Grand Victor Ch. Mannix of Fran-Jo 595 points

15. Grand Victor Ch. Langenaus Watson 563 points

16. Ch. Kubistraums Kane 527 points

17. Ch. Doppelt-Tays Hammer 492 Points

18. Covys Oregono of Tucker Hill 435 points

19. not?

20. not?

21. not?

22. ?

23. Covy-Tuicker Hills Zinfandel 287 Points

24. Ch. Peddacres Uno 246 Points.

The above animals represent the top 24 highest pointed dogs in my record book, 7 of which are not just champions, but Grand Victors! All ROMs. And thats just the males. This list was taken from the Active list of Top Register of Merit (ROM'S) compiled for 1980. Other animals worth mentioning, although inactive are Grand Victor Ch. Troll V. Richterback, with 2035 points, and Ch. Berend Vom Kallengarten, with 1375 points. Of the dogs on the active list above, their point total may be well above the numbers I have listed. One more thing, these 18 dogs have enough points between them to make 1,084 champions! It takes 15 points to become a champion.

As to the register of merit dams:

Coberts Melissa... 745 points

Sel. Ch Tucker Hills Angelique, CD ... 408 points

Ch. Kovayas Contessa, CD 256 points

Ch. Coberts Windsong 132 points

Ch. Coberts Golly Gee of Lakeside 95 points.

Ch. Covy's Felita of Tucker Hill 79 points

The thing to keep in mind, is, it takes 15 points to become a Champion, and these dogs obviously didn't stop competing but rather went on to become a phenomonon. But to become a "ROM", a dog must have sired a total of 10 or more progeny who among them have earned 100 or more points, 5 of the progeny must have acheived Champion or ROM statis. In the case of a dam, she must have produced 4 or more pups who have earned 40 points, and 2 of them must have acheived Champion or rom statis. The point is, the dogs listed above are pretty incredible,

thus, to have them in your bloodline is one pretty good reason for "preserving" a bloodline. That is accomplished with some strategic line breeding, to try to bring out the traits of some of these incredible dogs. So when I say that the foundation for my kennel is an old, hard to get bloodline, one look at these animals, and you can easily see what I mean. You can go out and buy a pet puppy anywhere, but what are the chances of getting a foundation such as the one above? And All the animals are not even listed. My information was from a book, " The book of the German Shepherd Dog" by Anna Katherine Nicholas. I recommend it as a rich source of knowledge.

Here is a partial list of well known kennels that the dogs in this document came from; Covy Tucker Hills, Lakeside, Coberts, Eko-Lan, Fran-Jo, Arbywood, Kovaya's, Doppelt-Tay, Shiloh Gardens, Bahari Wonder, Hilgroves, Ray-mor's,Waldesruh, Yoncalla's, Caralon, Chickwood, Lockwood, Ellistraum, Langenau's, Johnsondales, Lockenheim, Elwillo, Weinerau, Romerau, Von Kohs, Aus dem Haus Zygadto, Wildsteiger Land, Teufelskanzel, Vogele, Arminius, Groben Sand, Hulsbach, Asterplatz, Badsee, Wiedenbrucker Land, Weiherturchen, Vom Haus Gero, Hulsbergtal, Fidelius Tannemeise. Stuttgarts, Hidden Acres, Proven Hills.

Magic Theater Kennel may be reached at:

P.O. Box 1419

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I breed, show, sell, trade, and co-own, and I also buy.

Magic Theater German Shepherd Kennel at the present time has a litter aproximately once per month. Often some, or all of these pups are reserved in advance. Pups, consistant with their line breeding, are bred for both Intelligence, and Temperment. There are both German, and American lines, and mixed German/American. Both show quality, and pet quality pups are available. This Kennel prefers animals for show, because it brings out the best in a dog that was a breed bred for working in conformation, obedience, search and rescue, police work, and this is the type of animal that loves to perform in challenging capacities. Of course, they make incredibly wonderful, loyal pets, to say the least.

Stud Services are Available</B>. Bitch must be accompanied by written health certification from your VET, and the Bitch is brought to magic Theater Kennel Grounds by appointment. Please contact Kennel in advance, so that breedings can be scheduled. There are options for this servicing, including taking back 2 pups from the litter. In this case, the pedigree of the bitch shall be furnished to Magic Theater Kennel, for approval. Since each case is different, please contact this kennel to discus the situation and circumstances.

Win a Magic Theater "Breeders " Trophy! To customers that show their puppies in AKC sanctioned matches, and succeed in "Championing" their animal in either Conformation, or Obedience, Magic Theater will Award a Beautiful Trophy to the owners!! There is no time limit, and everyone who meets this criteria will receive a trophy, so long as they are a customer of Magic Theater Kennel, and Champion a puppy purchased from Magic Theater Kennel. This Kennel reserves the right to withdraw this offer in the future, but at present time, has no intentions of doing so, and will make written guarantee in each purchase contract of eligibility. It should be a challenge to all Magic Theater customers, as well as incentive to Show your puppy, which I like to encourage.

Hip and Health Guarantee. I try to breed the best quality puppies possible. I am told by experienced breeders, that sooner or later, all breeders will get a puppy that comes down with hip problems, even though the parents have excellent hips. The reason is genetics. There are recessive genes, that occasionally surface. Dogs have about 23,000 genes... about twice what human beings have! Regardless, if your puppy becomes afflicted with hip or elbo dysplacia, I will GIVE you another puppy, and It is in my written contract. Period. You will need to give proof, such as a copy of the OFA report from the VET. Thats only fair. With respect to the health, before the puppy leaves this kennel, it will have been wormed, and will have received puppy shots. It will be your responsibility to maintain this program. But say for example, a heart problem comes up. I would replace that puppy free. Most breeders will guarantee a puppy for a very short while. I am different. I believe that my customers are buying More than just a pet from me. The least they get is a new family member, and many others show, breed, or both. to this end, their purchase is an investment of time, and money.To match the extended committment of my customers, I offer an extended health guarantee that is unmatched by any other breeder I know.


I hope that you have found this to be interesting reading, and that you may decide to purchase a magic Theater puppy. I should note here, that although I have placed a great deal of emphasis on historical AKC champion dogs in my bloodline, I no longer show my dogs in akc shows, due to an enormous amount of money it takes to campaign a dog, and years of effort. My philosophy is, you can find out if you have a champion, by campaigning your animal at AKC shows, and spend from $10,000. To $20,000. Or you can go another route:

The Road less traveled by…

International All Breed Canine Assoc. of America

Alle Rasse Gruppe

4742 Liberty Rd. S. Suite 159

Salem Oregon 97302

Ph. 503-316-9160

You can enter one of these 3 day dog shows. Only one dog goes into the show ring at a time. You don’t compete against OTHER dogs, you only compete such that 3 international judges, one each day, judge your dog as to whether or not it is a champion. Once you get 3 certificated from three judges, you get awarded the title champion. The classes are similar to AKC. The entrance fees are similar also. What you cut out, is competing with OTHER DOGS, and find out if you do, or do not have a champion, hence saving many thousands of dollars. I would much rather find out that I don’t have a champion BEFORE spending many thousands of dollars campaigning some animal for nothing! And in the AKC shows, sooner or later, a non-champion MAY get titled, just due to circumstances of having lesser dogs in the ring for the final point match on a major "win". Hence, a non champion could get titled! That doesn’t sound very prestigious to me! It sounds like spending enough money to finally champion some DINK! And I have seen personally, AKC judges award points to the WORST animal in the show ring… and the owner of that dink just happened to be a visiting Judge from another state. I won’t say the judging was rigged, I will leave it up to you to decide the truth. But now you may get some idea of the advantages of having only ONE dog in the ring at a time, to be judged! Also, you get a written critique from the judge prior to leaving the show ring! I personally think it is something to look into, and would encourage any of you reading this, to give this some serious thought, and at least look into it for yourself. I think these people are trying to do the right thing, in the fairest possible way.

I wish all of you who have read this far, all the luck in the world, and hope to hear from some of you.





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